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The thing that I dreamt of as a little boy

Are you supposed to have dreams at 36? Isn’t that for children? Wasn’t that supposed to be killed in primary school where they teach you what you should do and how you should do it? What about us who don’t fit into that mold and who still think that this world has more to offer than show up at work, show up at home, get paid once a month, repeat?

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What is critique?

Are there human relations without critique? The critique rarely says anything about you. Instead, it gives away a lot about the critic’s perception of you, or about their perception of something you did or failed to do. If your actions are always rightful, there is nothing to worry about because you know you did exactly what needed to be done. That’s why it’s important knowing what’s right and acting in

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Change one thing and improve yourself

According to Jordan B Peterson, if you want to change yourself, pick one thing that you want to improve and work on it until you’re satisfied. When picking that one thing, you need to think carefully; you might want to think how important that thing is, because changing your hairstyle probably won’t do any good to you, but changing your time management skills will definitely have a huge impact on

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How to get unstuck while writing a novel?

For the past 8 years, I’ve been trying to finish my novel. It would be reasonable to spend that much time working if I were writing my first novel, but the fact is that I can’t finish the second one. If it was the first, it could simply be justified with me not knowing how to write a novel. But I ‌know ‌I know how to write it. I have

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Live your dreams

Each morning, I get to ask the same question – What do I want to do today? Having the infinite options is way more paralyzing than having just one. Even having five or six options can put you in an endless loop of choosing what seems to be the wrong thing. One day, I want to write fiction, but then when I sit down to read what I’ve written previously,

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How a trip to an ancient city helped me stop complaining

When I look at some of the older videos on this channel, I can notice that I was complaining a lot. I didn’t like my job; I didn’t like pandemic measures; I didn’t like China; I didn’t like the weather, the traffic, the noise, my income, my gear, my YT videos, my writing… I liked nothing at all, and I used my camera to complain about it all. But, that

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