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How to get unstuck while writing a novel?

For the past 8 years, I’ve been trying to finish my novel. It would be reasonable to spend that much time working if I were writing my first novel, but the fact is that I can’t finish the second one. If it was the first, it could simply be justified with me not knowing how to write a novel. But I ‌know ‌I know how to write it. I have

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Live your dreams

Each morning, I get to ask the same question – What do I want to do today? Having the infinite options is way more paralyzing than having just one. Even having five or six options can put you in an endless loop of choosing what seems to be the wrong thing. One day, I want to write fiction, but then when I sit down to read what I’ve written previously,

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How a trip to an ancient city helped me stop complaining

When I look at some of the older videos on this channel, I can notice that I was complaining a lot. I didn’t like my job; I didn’t like pandemic measures; I didn’t like China; I didn’t like the weather, the traffic, the noise, my income, my gear, my YT videos, my writing… I liked nothing at all, and I used my camera to complain about it all. But, that

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Who is to blame

When we agree to do something, and I give you a hand, and you fail to keep promise, not because you didn’t have the resources, or the man power, but you simply failed to due to your recklessness, irresponsibility and procrastination, things which are closely related, when that happens, who is to blame? It’s easy to put the blame on someone else, but if we did everything we could and

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is the most important activity in a day. Imagine how stupid nature would be if it had made us spend the third of our lives doing something completely unnecessary or even moderately important. Two main goals for living beings are to reproduce and survive and sleep is one of these things that helps us survive. Yes, we are vulnerable during sleep and predators can’t kill us without any problems, but

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You are enough

When I was a kid, and when I attempted to do anything, my parents would compare me to someone who was a master in that field. They had the best intentions when they compared my painting attempt with Picasso, or my writing attempt with Dostoyevsky, but we all know that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. When you say to your child that she is a little

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