Change one thing and improve yourself

According to Jordan B Peterson, if you want to change yourself, pick one thing that you want to improve and work on it until you’re satisfied.

When picking that one thing, you need to think carefully; you might want to think how important that thing is, because changing your hairstyle probably won’t do any good to you, but changing your time management skills will definitely have a huge impact on your life. And, time management is definitely something I want to change because I’m not happy with the way I spend my time right now.

Namely, most of my days, I spend on autopilot. Browsing through social media, playing video games, and that’s mostly it. It could definitely be a consequence of my return to Serbia, and slight depression which this event caused, but I can’t keep doing this thing forever. I guess I need to grow up and start taking responsibilities. 

It’s sad to think of myself as a  36-year-old adolescent, but my behavior shows exactly that. Keeping your inner child, curiosity, and creativity is one thing, but behaving and having expectations like a child is the wrong thing to do. Take responsibility, for god’s sake!

Remember, the goal is not to turn you into some sort of robot who will do everything according to a timetable, but to make you free, to make you happy, and to make you good. 

Remember that you never felt happy after spending X hours of playing video games or watching YouTube. You always felt miserable after that because you knew ‌you could’ve been doing something more useful.

Watching YouTube videos sometimes might seem as doing something useful, and sometimes it is truly useful, but it’s most definitely not useful when you do it unintentionally. 

Watch YouTube only when you need something, or a creator you like and a creator you find valuable, posted something and you’ve got a notification.

Watch YouTube only when you finish doing the important stuff.

Determine what’s important. For me, it’s writing and reading and making videos, when it comes to work, and family when it comes to social life, and health is also important, so do something healthy each day.

It’s interesting to watch YouTube, and facebook and Instagram, because we all turned into small or big media companies who report on our day to day lives, and you have the liberty to choose whose lives you want to follow, but none of that is important. You’re just watching somebody else’s lives and these platforms are designed to feed you what you want to see, and the problem with that is that they can feed you into infinity.