Different Paths

Although two different people may have the same goals, they are very likely to be on different paths or different parts of the same path.

Let’s say two people want to lose 20 pounds, one will increase physical activity, the other will change diet, the third will apply both strategies, but the diet and exercise will be completely different from the exercise and diet of the first two people.

The case is same when someone wants to write a novel. One person will write at night and without a predetermined plan, another person will write during the day and have a plan to follow …

Therefore, when comparing yourself to someone, ask yourself if you have the same trajectories and if you are in the same parts of the trajectory if they match. Someone who writes the first novel will have great difficulty writing 500 words in a day, while someone who writes for years will easily write 2500 words in two hours.

Or, someone who has been exercising for ten years and has gained after spending a year without physical activity will find it much easier to lose weight than someone who has spent their entire lives playing video games and eating chips.

Comparing your results with those of others is always counterproductive; whether you compare yourself to those who have better or worse results than yours.

Comparing yourself to someone better than you can depress you, and comparing yourself to someone worse than you can give you a distorted picture of your success; someone who weighs 250 pounds technically has less than someone who weighs 300, but both are obese.

Jordan Peterson, a professor at the University of Toronto, recommends that we exclusively compare ourselves to the person we were yesterday, instead of comparing ourselves to other people today.

According to James Clear, if we were 1% better every day than yesterday, we would improve 37 times in one year; which is, you have to admit, a lot.

So whatever is on your mind, whatever your goals are, be 1% better than you were yesterday and don’t compare yourself to others, and the results will come over time and after a lot of effort, work, and patience.