Shuold I stay or should I go?

This time I’m not talking about whether or not I want to write a blog.

I’ve been under a lot of stress these days; my site was hacked; I went to Beijing to make a new passport, and we all know how stressful it is to deal with government institutions and how enjoyable it is to spend the whole day on the train.

Nobody likes to do what they don’t have to do, which is why some things are simply slacked, but there are some things that should be done properly.

Specifically, yesterday after a three day break and after a long way back from a long trip, I went to the gym. It was a leg day; I really don’t know anyone who likes to exercise their legs. It is simply tiring. The legs are the largest and strongest muscles we have and it is necessary to use significantly more weight than when exercising arms or shoulders for example.

I did two exercises, picked up my towel and my bottle of water and went to the locker room; I’ve had enough. I was nervous because I realized that I had at least a month of work around switching sites and setting up everything on wordpress and couldn’t concentrate on exercising.

I opened the locker in which my bag was located and stood in the middle of the locker room completely defeated; I got angry because I was pissed. I thought this way of giving up training was something childish.

“No you won’t”, I told myself, put my bag back in my closet, put on my gloves again, and decided to finish my training.

Out of all that anger, I got extra energy. I put more weight on the bars than ever in my life because all the exercises seemed too easy for me. I ended my workout by hitting the sack for as long as I no longer had the strength to raise my arms.

It was probably one of the best workouts I’ve had in my life, and I almost quit it.

I believe that we come out of these situations stronge. Not only do we strengthen our muscles but also our character.

I came back from the gym, had lunch and then sat down to make a clear plan for resolving my blog problems. It was clear that I would have to give up some priorities and to change them as these situations require an alarming situation.