Things often do not go as planned. Sometimes something completely unforeseen happens that requires an immediate change of priorities.

For example, writing a blog was one of my priorities, but when my site gets hacked and unusable, it is logical to change priorities, fix the site and then write a blog.

Changing priorities means that something else will need to be dropped from the priority list.

In addition to writing a blog, reading and writing fiction were my top three priorities, but since site design is a very time-consuming job, I had to pause writing novels and reduce reading for a while until I regulated the site.

As soon as the state of urgency of certain things is gone, we can restore old priorities and add details later.

Pages that talk more about the Readers’ Club, the Bloody Green novel and posting pictures on old blog articles can be done without too much haste.

Likewise, my English site has fallen off my priority list; I’ll have to find some time for him later.