Time Machine

The best way to get familiar with a country is by visiting its institutions.

  • Chinese institutions are settled in huge buildings made from marble and glass, and they are spotlessly clean;
  • the employees are uniformed, helpful, and polite;
  • they use  modern technology;
  • applications are submitted online;
  • everything resolves relatively quickly;
  • you do everything on the spot and pay by phone or credit card

Visiting the state institutions of Serbia provides a time traveling experience.

  • the buildings are old and usually need renovation; both externally and internally;
  • thier computers are running on Windows XP and they own a certain scanner that supposedly can only scan 5x5cm photos;
  • employees smoke in offices and wear faded T-shirts;
  • a photo of employees who played a football game wearing FC Red Star jerseys with “Beobanka” sponsorship hangs from the wall;
  • on the desk in the waiting room, there is a hardcover school notebook named “The Book of Impressions,”;
  • you pay only in cash and you have to bring the correct amount because they do not have any change;
  • you need to wait at least two months for any document you need.
  • only a picture of Slobodan Milosevic has been missing.