A Single Book

Professor of Literature at the Faculty of Education in Sombor, prof. Dr. Tihomir Petrovic, often said in his lectures that a man who read one book was much more dangerous than one who didn’t read anything at all.

A man who has read one book dogmatically adheres to its contents. These are often recognized as religious fanatics and members of other ideologies who divide people into those whose opinions coincide with their book and those whose views are on the opposite side of with what their book preaches.

There is no single book that can enlighten us and answer all of life’s questions. If we take only three answers to important questions from a single book, that is more than enough. 

The more books we read, the more answers we will have, and it is likely that two different people will have three different answers to three different questions from one book; which is totally fine.

The book is like a vault that keeps a multitude of answers, and anyone can get what they need without denying anyone else the answers they have taken for themselves.