To Blog or not to Blog

The only thing more stupid than writing about writing is writing a blog about writing a blog, but sometimes I have to do that too.

I have been writing this blog for over a year now, i started it in English, and since recently I have been writing in both English and Serbian at the same time. There are nearly 250 articles on the English version of the blog, while there are just over 100 in Serbian. 

It started with the idea that I would write once a week, then it turned into a daily blog, then it stopped for a while, and now I write daily blogs again.

It’s hard to sit down every day and write something that you believe may be useful to someone, but over time, people get used to it and my brain already knows that the smell of afternoon coffee means blogging time. 

Why am I writing? I do not know! I love to write and I like to sort my thoughts and shelve them; I like to watch words appear on a blank document and to observe them while they fill in the blankness. 

I like to think that my writing may be useful to somebody; I think this is my biggest motivation for this blog. However, sometimes that source of motivation becomes exhausted. 

For the last week or so, I have been trying to evaluate whether writing a blog is worth anything. Would it be better to spend those two hours a day on something more useful? Maybe I could write a novel in the afternoon instead of just in the morning? Maybe I could watch a movie or read more than usually?

It is certain that I personally benefit the most from writing a blog; I am the one whose thoughts are sorted out and I am the one who gets rid of various internal monologues by writing them down. 

For me, this blog is like a purgatory. There are some things I think about during the day and when the writing time comes, I sit down and write down the things that bothered me the most. 

However, I have been avoiding this topic for days. I don’t know if anyone is interested in something like this? Why would anyone care if I write this blog or not? Who makes me? 

The better question is, who will miss it if I simply stop writing? Who will ask themselves – and where is the today’s blog?

To be honest, I don’t know. I don’t know if anyone is reading this, or whether anyone cares about what I’m writing, and the less I know, the better. 

The blog has a lot of advantages and I think everyone should write it, but why do I have doubts when it comes to writing my own blog? Why do I even wonder if I should write it?

A blog is much better than a diary. You don’t care much for the diary. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t keep a diary, but it’s something personal and when you know that you are going to be the only one reading it, if you ever read it, then you don’t care much about how it looks and whether it will benefit anyone. 

On the other hand, you hope that someone is going to read your blog; you actually hope that many people will read it and that many people will benefit from it, and then when you look at the statistics, it seems to you that blogging is just blowing in the wind

It’s a counter productive to obsess with the statistic of your blog, mailing list and website visits. The numbers can easily be disappointing and no matter how big they are, you’ll always want bigger ones. 

Yes, much can be learned from statistics. You can find out which articles people like best and then write similar ones; you can find out how many people on your mailing list open emails and read your blog; but you can’t tell if you were helpful or not.

You have hundreds or thousands of people on the mailing list and only 10 percent open your email. It’s kind of depressing when you know that only 10 percent of people resonate with what you write; to others you somehow don’t matter, and you wish you do matter. 

That kind of thing shouldn’t be depressing, because if you blog, you always have a chance to change your view of the world, to help someone, to show the door to someone in similar problems and dilemmas.

If you keep it all in a diary or don’t write it down at all, you will not be able to help anyone. 

It is not a common thing that a blog article can change one’s life, but it can often encourage one to think or motivate one to take some steps to solve one’s problems or improve one of the spheres of one’s life. 

If a blog can help a single person, it’s more than enough. 

A blog can be a great marketing tool, but you shouldn’t look at it that way. If a blog brings you readers, or sells books or whatever, that’s great, but don’t expect anything like that from it because it’s not its purpose.

The blog is here to crystallize the worldview of both the writer and the reader. 

The blog offers an alternative, some other options, and your opportunity to tell what you think and feel.

A blog is a public collective memory. Just as you can access your memories and thoughts at any moment, and come to new conclusions, a blog allows you to tune in to the thoughts that someone else had. 

Write a blog, because you will benefit from it the most, just as I have the most benefit from this blog.