The Last PUsh

Those who go to gym know that the last three reps, those in which you spend the last atom of your power, are the most important.

It’s that time when you push, and your arms are trembling, each muscle fiber aches, but you push once, and once more and finally once more, and at the end you throw your dumbbells or somebody takes the barbell from your chest because you can’t move it anymore.

It means that you have pushed the limit of your abilities. 

You can apply this approach to writing, or anything else in your life.

Sometimes, I sit down to write and I would rather do something else. When I find myself in that state of mind, it means that I’ve reached the limit of my abilities and that I should push three more times.

I sit down and write no matter what; I push one more article or 1000 words of my novel and I push the limits of my possibilities. The next time I sit down to write, I will be able to do longer and better.

However, you must be careful with this approach because for some things you should keep your bar low; while drinking alcohol, while eating sweets or when you do anything that’s most often bad for you.

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