Small Tasks – The benefits of Blogging

Yesterday, I spoke about small victories and I want to expand on that.

Writing a novel is like running a marathon and sometimes it can last so long that you could feel like you’re never going to finish it.

Let’s say that you write 2,000 words per day, which is a lot of words for most of the writers. In the best-case scenario, you could finish the first draft of 100,000 words novel in 50 days; which, as you may see, a long time.

That’s without putting bad days, during which you could only write 300 words per day, in equation. These things could prolong your first draft to three or four months if not even more.

After the first draft, you have the edits which can stretch your work to a year or even more.

Thanks to the nature of this job – because you work a lot, without finishing anything – you will often get the feeling of not making any progress at all.

It is true that the small victories might help you, but there is one more trick which can contribute that you feel like you’ve accomplished something; a blog.

If each day, apart from writing your novel, you dedicate a certain amount of time for writing your blog, you will certainly boost your confidence.

I know that it’s difficult to find time for such a thing, especially if you’re stuck in a day job and you’re writing a novel, but you won’t lose anything if you try.

Blog, most often, doesn’t require much time.

Blog, at least in my case, doesn’t have any literary value; the aim of the blog is to help those who face the same problems as I do.

By writing you blog, not only that you will help others, but you will have the most benefit from it. Once you define a problem and write down the solution, you will be equipped with a strategy the next time you face it.

Blog can bring you readers and make connections with them.

Blog is most certainly going to improve the way you think and write.

Blog is a small task which you could finish each day and have a feeling of accomplishing something by publishing it. 

Blog isn’t a tool which only writers can use; it’s for anyone. Just write something that can be useful or inspiring.

Try daily blogging for 30 days and share your impressions with me.