Reading and Writing

Writing and reading are the means of communication in which information is not necessarily exchanged in both directions. 

Writing is a mean of communication which often doesn’t happen in real time, with the exception of the new inventions like instant messaging, but even there, a correspondent can reply later.

Reading enables us to receive information written down centuries ago, but in that case we’re unable to reply, nor it is that expected from us; the only thing we could do is build up on the idea and create a new message in a bottle. 

Reading enables us to understand the world as well as ourselves; that thing which somebody once described in a book could have happened to us, but we were unable to identify it. Once we are able to recognize the thing, it is much easier to deal with it. 

Writing also helps us to understand ourselves; if each day we spend some time thinking and organizing our thoughts into something meaningful, we become aware of our worries and problems and we equip ourselves with the tools necessary for improving our own lives. 

Reading is a discipline which we can do alone and in the company of others.

Reading and writing should always go together.

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