MailChimp, an email service which I’m using to send you mail each day, enables me to see statistics. There, I can see how many readers open my emails and how many readers click on the links in the email.

It’s interesting Welcome email which you get after joining my Reader’s Club, which contains a free copy of my novel, opens only 44% of the readers, and only 28% clicks on the link and download the free novel. 

It would be even more interesting if I could know the percentage of readers who actually read the novel; I’m sure it can be shown using fingers on one hand.

Statistics seems pretty discouraging and one might come to the conclusion that people appreciate books which they buy than the books which they get for free, but is it really like that?

Can you claim that you’ve read each book which you bought or some of them are more like souvenirs?

I personally know people in whose homes you could see shelves filled with books which have never been opened, but they served as part of the home ambient and they were probably bought during various promotions, and probably in installments.

These days, instead of putting our books on the shelves, we keep them in our email Inbox or on our hard drives.

Nothing has really changed much and reading is still something only a limited number of people does.