The Task of a Storyteller

Human beings are capable to process consciously only a fraction of information which they are receiving each moment and they are mostly relying on their five senses.

Subconscious mind mostly process information which we can’t rationalize and it’s constantly trying to feed us with them; hence dreams and intuition.

Dreams are the stories which our subconscious sends us and through which it tries to tells us something. Dreams are often unclear and unreal, but they often say a lot about the thing we should be afraid of and about those we should think about.

Intuition represents the conclusions which our unconscious has made and because of that there are some things we simply know that are true, although we have never really thought about them; we know when someone is lying to us; we know when we are about to get ill; we know how is someone going to react on something we are planning to do.

Our subconscious picked up behavioural patterns, connected the causes with the consequences and it is pointing to things on which we should pay attention. 

Intuition, just as reason, can trick us; sometimes we make wrong assumptions regardless of the level of being.

Knowing all of this, we can only assume the difficulty of the task each storyteller has.

A storyteller must activate all sensory experiences of the reader because that’s the way we experience the world. If the storyteller is successful, the reader will experience fiction as its own reality and the reader’s subconscious, led by its life experience, will fill a large amount of information which the writer had to omit. 

In that manner, subconscious learns and recycles its own information, but it also gets new experience because the things are happening in new and foreign circumstances. 

On the other hand, the storyteller must assume the intuition and subconscious processes of the characters he is writing about. 

Unlike them, dramatists are limited with dialog and action. Although they need to know what happens inside a character and what dilemmas the character encounters, they are only allowed to express reality using dialogue and action. 

Prose writer are in a huge advantage because they have the freedom to show what their characters think and feel.

That task is not easy, and therefore only a few people decide to become storytellers and even fewer are successful in that on a high level.

Thanks to successful storytellers there are sophisticated pieces of writing from which, both reader and writer, can learn a lot on a conscious and unconscious level.