Being Your Own Boss

When you’re being an independent creator, you’re your own boss.

It means that you’re the boss but you’re are also the employee.

Most often, you are a very bad boss who is expecting too much from the employee who terrorizes her to work overtime, who doesn’t pay her enough and doesn’t have anything nice to say about her.

On the other hand, you are very bad employee who is procrastinating, hates her boss, always late, and never does what she’s expected to do.

That kind of relationship leads to disaster.

The key of success as an independent creator is to be the boss who you will like and to be the employee who is professional.

The duty of the boss is to create a plan which the employee will be capable to fulfill and which she will enjoy; after all, you are creating your own day, why would you put something in your schedule that will make you miserable?

After every successful task completion the employee will be rewarded and stimulated to do the future work.

Another duty of the boss is to think about long-term goals and to create the steps towards that goal.

The boss should also give constructive critique and to praise each task well done.

When you decided to become your own boss, it’s because you didn’t want to follow orders from someone whose methods you disapprove.

Don’t be the boss who you hated the most, but don’t be too weak either; both of these lead to disaster.

Set the rules and norms which must be fulfilled, but set them so they suit your needs and preferences and so that they lead you towards your goals.

On the other hand, the employee should give her best, respect the deadline, to accept critique, and to improve.

Once you form this kind of relationship between the boss and the employee, your productivity will dramatically boost and you will be much more satisfied with yourself.