Ninety Percent

One of the sentences which hang on the wall above my desk says that 90% of what I write is shit.

Once I write something down, that sentence prevents me from upsetting too much while editing my work. When I turn some shit into something that’s good enough, then it’s time to publish it.

Even then, more than 50% of my work is below average, but to reach something above average I need to write everything down because I could never know whether something is going to be good or bad unless I write it down.

Once it’s written, it can always be edited and turned into good enough.

This way of thinking freed me from perfectionism. I know that none of my articles are perfect and there is nothing wrong with that.

The only thing that matters is that each day I give my best.

Sometimes, my best is not good enough to be published. We all have good and bad days.