How Much Does A Lie Cost?

This morning, another teacher and I went to a nearby Wenzhou to have a medical checkup. A local teacher went with us to help us with the form filling and overall communication. It was all paid by the school, including the transportation. 

We took an Uber to there because it’s faster. Uber from Rui’an  to Wenzhou coast about 120 RMB ($17.39). Highway is an additional 15 RMB ($2.17), but it’s a much faster way.

We didn’t take the highway because the local teacher thought that she will save some money if we take the other way.

On our way back, we didn’t take the Uber because, as the local teacher said, Uber doesn’t go from Wenzhou to Rui’an between 10 and 11, so we would have needed to wait another 50 minutes for our car.

Which was one big, fat lie because we all know how Uber works; you chose a location and wait for someone to answer your call.

Instead of saying:

“My boss told me to take the bus back because it’s cheaper,”

She made up a story to save her and her boss’s face while thinking that just because we can’t speak their language we also don’t know how things like Uber work.

There is no problem in taking a bus to save some ridiculous amount of money, the problem is when someone lies to you to save money and turn out to be generous at the same time because they paid for all of that.

In the end, we spend 20 RMB for the Uber from the hospital to the bus station, 45 RMB for three bus tickets, and 30 RMB from the bus station to the school, which is 95 RMB ($13.77) in total.

The boss has saved 25 RMB ($3.69) but added some negative points on their employees’s trust scale .  

Also, they would have saved much more money if we had taken the highway because the ride would have been shorter and therefore the price would have been lower.

Instead of making the right decision by telling the truth or spending some extra money, they have chosen to play the “dumb foreigner won’t figure it out”, card and they lost the game.