Words are the source of misunderstandings

… said the Fox to Little Prince.

The main proof of inefficiency of words is the fact that we feel emotion more easily if words are followed by visual, tactile and sound experience.

Watching a theater play or movie is richer experience than reading a screenplay.

Words are efficient only if they create mental images in readers or listeners mind.

A hug speaks more than 1000 words, just like an image.

Word transfer is slow and inaccurate.

The reality is too complex to be described by words.

Number of words which a person can comprehend is limited.

Words can provoke desired emotion if they are carefully selected.

Words, if not precisely selected, more easily create negative than positive emotions.

However, words are extremely efficient when we try to understand and represent abstract concepts and ideas.

Precise choice of words enables transfer of ideas from one mind and another.