But I Don’t Like Kale

Among other things, I don’t eat most of the fruit.

I’m not saying that fruit is bad. Fruit is extremely good, especially if you’re a child. Fruit is a wonderful desert, especially if you have issues with candies, but fruit is something you could definitely live without.

When people find out that I don’t eat fruit, their eyes pop out.

You don’t eat fruit!? How about vitamins?

I eat berries because it takes a lot of time for it to turn into sugar. Actually, I more often drink it just as I drink spinach, which are great sources of micronutrients.

I eat nuts, which are a great source of healthy fats and proteins.

I don’t eat fruit packed with sugars which makes trouble to my poor liver which was systematically destroyed by alcohol and sucrose.

It is common to bring a basket of fruit to those who stay in the hospital. Therefore,, people’ surprise when I say that I don’t eat fruit and when I claim that fruit can have a bad influence on our health. 

After the initial astonishment, my interlocutor usually becomes silent and avoids talking about food, probably thinking, god help him, and then they ask me something like:

What about bananas? Why don’t you eat bananas? Bananas are rich with potassium.

And, I have an answer to that:

Kale, just as any other cruciferous vegetable, has more potassium than a banana. 

And the common response is:

But I don’t like kale.

At that point, I tend to end all discussion about food.

For some reason it’s completely normal not to eat something you don’t like although it’s nutritious and useful for your body, but it’s not normal to avoid eating something delicious, like a banana and a candy, and it’s not even as half as nutritious as the thing you dislike. 

Also, it’s all right not to eat something you consider unethical, like meat, although meat, especially fish, contains some essential micronutrients, like omega-3 fatty acid which you could find in fish and beef.

It’s all about priorities.

What is more important: to enjoy the moment and instant pleasure and to ignore the long-term consequences or to eat something you don’t enjoy but it will benefit your health in the long run? What is more important: your life, the life of your children or a life of a cow or chicken?

It’s up to you.