The Art Doesn’t Belong Here

Current president of the country in which I currently live is well known for his “toilet revolution” because he has spent the last couple of years building public toilets all over the country.

He is led by a desire was to bring the cultural level of his country to a higher level. This act is commonly followed by some bizarre slogans followed by even more bizarre English translations which you can find hanging above each urinal.

Slogans can often be found at public places, such as in this park.

Back in 1917, Marcel Duchamp became famous all over the world when he installed urinal into the New York Museum and brought toilets into the world of arts.

A century later, somebody decided to bring the art into the world of toilets by hanging a replica of Van Gogh’s Starry Night above the urinal in a toilet inside a shopping mall.

The question is where do we draw the line between the toilet and art? If someone wants to level up the culture of his nation is it really necessary to hang Van Gogh above the urinal?