It’s easy for you, you know how to do it and you like to do it.

People will often ask you to do things they could otherwise do themselves, if you’ll need less time and effort to accomplish the task.

We all have aunts, neighbors, colleges, or anyone else who asked as something like this:

Could you quickly… ? It’s easy for you, you know how to do it and you like to do it.

If they could really do it by themselves, but they think it will be easier for you, don’t hesitate to say – NO. You need to learn how to respect your time, and they need to learn the same thing.

If, on the other hand, they can’t handle it themselves, don’t hesitate to charge them for your service.

Those who are close to you will often expect of you to do them a favor without charging and if you refuse or ask for money in return, they will say that your selfish and ungrateful.

Anyone can edit a video, resize a photo, translate a text, reinstall an operating system, if they spend some time acquiring the necessary skills; especially in modern days where you could visit YouTube and instead of watching cat videos watch some tutorials on anything.

Those who respect their own time hire a professional and pay him adequately for a favor.

If somobody’s car gets broken, they rarely buy a mechanic guide. Instead, they go to the best mechanic they know and adequately pay for his hard work and time spend doing the job; unless, off course, you’re the mechanic and your brother’s car is broken.

People who ask you to do them a favor, for free, never consider the time and effort you’ve put into learning a skill.

This situation is always observed from the point of view of the customer:

I can’t believe that he charged his own brother!

It’s never observed from a point of view of the other party.

I can’t believe his own brother refused to pay to him!

And all of this because it’s easy for someone, someone knows how to do it and likes to do it.

Don’t hesitate to charge people close to you.

If people who are close to you aren’t ready to pay you for the job done, why would strangers be?