My diet is the best

In case you’re eating a restrictive diet, you might notice that people will often judge you for that!

You must eat carbohydrates! You mustn’t eat fat! You must have 6 meals per day! The fruit is good for you! You must eat meat!

There is one thing in common for all modern, restrictive diets; whether it’s vegetarian, paleo, keto, carnivore, none of them include refined fat and carbohydrates; which is, you must admit, good for you.

There are also some things in common for people who worry about your health while you’re on a specific diet; these people are drink soda, put sugar in their coffee, eat candy, pastry, and ice-cream in unlimited amounts; these people are obese and/or have severe health issues and they impulsively eat what tastes good and not what’s good for them.

These people think that their diet is the best, and that you should eat just the way they do.