The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck – Mark Menson

Although I often avoid best selling lists because I don’t share the same taste as masses, the title of this book was provocative enough to put it on my reading list.

The title itself might lead you to a conclusion that it’s a book about being indifferent and not give a fuck about anything, but it’s the exact opposite.

Mansion has found the answer to all positivity books (if you wish for your Ferrari hard enough it will show up in front of your house and all similar nonsense), and he more or less talks about the fact that life is hard.

Life is a sequence of problems and we can only be happy by solving problems on our way.

And truly, whoever thinks that their lives will be easier if only they accomplish this or that, they are in a big delusion. Solving one problem opens a door to another one, but that shouldn’t discourage you; it’s important to face the truth and work on solving the problems; one by one.

The one thing we shouldn’t give a fuck about is the opinion of other, unimportant people, and all the other things which we can’t influence.

I recommend you this book and I hope that you’ll find something useful in it.