28 days of diet which will help you lose 5 or more kilograms.

30 days of meditation which will clean your mind.

30 days without a phone.

28 days without the internet.

Fix you body in 21 days and get ready for summer.

These challenges are countless.

They are fun, a lot people can participate in them, and there is no need for a long term dedication.

After a certain amount of days you can go back to your old routines (and get back the kilos you lost).

Who is ready for a serious challenge? Who is ready to be a healthy, functional 100 year old who not only can take care of themselves, but of others, too?

You won’t see these kinds of challenges because they require much more work than a 28 day challenge and nobody can guaranty a success.

But, it doesn’t cost you anything to try.

To live 100 years and be functional and healthy we need to keep a healthy body and a healthy mind.

See you in 67 years, or not.