Being disciplined means doing things we should instead of thing we want to do. We often want the results but not the work.

I should study for my exams in order to pass them, go to gym in order to look better, write a novel in order to finish it, but I would rather…

Therefore, we often leave the things we should do for tomorrow simply because we don’t want to do them.

Tomorrow, ‘ll study for my exams, go to gym, write a novel, and today I will do whatever I want.

The change occures when the things we should do become the things we want to do.

I want to study in order to pass the exam, I want to go to gym in order to look better, I want to write that novel

The change is subtle, one ‘should’ is changed into one ‘want’, but it brings visible results.

Next time when you wonder what to do next, think twice before making a decision; it could bring you the results you want.