Stephen King – Revival

Greetings from China,

I am back after a short break.

I’ve been busy during last three weeks. My sister and her future husband (then, now he’s her husband) were visiting us so I’ve decided to spend my free days with them and to introduce them to Rui’an and Wenzhou as much as it was possible in two weeks.

Last Tuesday we’ve visited a local lake where we’ve spent a night in a hotel and we had some sort of a team building with our coworkers, therefore the blog was set aside again, but I still had some for reading and for this week I will recommend you Stephen King’s Revival.

After a long time, I’ve read a book in Serbian. I don’t usually read translations from english because I believe that no translation can be measured with the impression one gets while reading the original piece. Books which I read in Serbian are originally in that language or translations from other languages (other than English).

However, I must admit that I quite enjoyed reading Revival, which I got as a present from my sister and brother in law.

If you love King’s stories, you are going to love Revival.

The story is build around a priest caller Charles Jacobs who uses his obsession with electricity to come over a tragedy which happened at the beginning of the story.

A paranormal world in which characters live is presented through eyes of a narrator called Jamie Morton who was very close to the priest and deeply involved in the story.

It’s not a classic King’s horror, but his style is clearly recognizable; there are surprises at the beginning of each chapter as well as at the end, which are followed by the surprises at the end of each act.

Anyway, I recommend reading Revival.

Until the next time,

Best wishes,

I.B. Miller