What to Read Next?

Greeting from Rui’an, China,

So, I’ve finally finished reading Killing Commentatore by Haruki Murakami. It took me almost 4 weeks, but it was worthy. I still didn’t love this novel as much as the Norwegian Wood but it was a worthwhile journey. 

Every time I finish a novel as long as this one, I have difficulties in picking up the next book. I’ve been living in this world for too long and I kind of feel bad for leaving it; I miss it. And, I’ve started three new books and abandoned them after less than an hour of listening. They just didn’t feel right after a great book such as Killing Commendatore.

In situations like these, I usually switch to non-fiction, or I go to rereading classics, which I know that I’ll enjoy. This time I picked up The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway. Not my favorite Hemingway book, but I haven’t read it for quite some time. 

Since this is a short novel, I wonder if you have any suggestions for a good novel? It could be anything except zombies and vampires. I’m really not into that stuff. But really, from thrillers, romances, crime, true crime, adventure… just name it.

I’m looking forward to you reply,

Best Wishes, 

I.B. Miller