a Book Recommendation – Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn

Ever since I’ve first seen Gone Girl, I promised myself that I’m going to read at least one book written by Gillian Flynn and then I sort of forgot about it and read other stuff.

Recently, Scribd app recommended me Sharp Objects and I give it a shot.

At first, I it didn’t impress me much. I thought it’s just another story about a disturbed, lonely, alcoholic woman and I had plenty of these during the past year or so. The only reason I didn’t put this book on my ‘Didn’t Finish’ shelf was because it was written by Gillian Flynn and I had a strong belief she can write a stunning thriller.

The story isn’t told from a perspective of a typical sleuth which you would expect in a thriller. Instead of a flat detective we are introduced to a 30-year-old journalist called Camille who had a disturbed life and during the first third of the book we learn more about her and her family life than about the case she was sent to report; or do we?

She was sent to her hometown to write a story about two girls who have been murdered by a potential serial killer. While back, she recalls her darkest memories, but she also isn’t spared from present family affairs.

By the moment when I usually decide whether I’ll put a book down, I had too many unanswered questions, and I just wanted to know what will happen next and who the hell did those horrible things, which is exactly what you want from a mystery thriller.

The book climax knocked me down. I wasn’t expecting something like that at all, not after I marked the actual murderer as a red herring and the potential victim.

At the end, If you still haven’t read this book, I would recommend doing so, especially if you also haven’t seen the TV show starring Amy Adams.

It’s an exciting thriller worth your time.

If you want to read the book on Scribd, click on the link and you will get two months for free. Scribd offers you a large collection of ebooks and audiobooks and plenty more.