Connecting to your readers

I don’t know about you, but if I could get an email from my favorite author, I would throw parties in that name. And, I’m not just saying that because Hemingway has been dead for quiet some time.

Imagine getting an email from Stephen King, or Neil Gaiman, or whoever your favorite author might be. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

You can’t imagine that you can be somebody’s favorite author? Well, trust me, you can and you will.

Some authors have put sending a newsletter into practice but most of them are doing it wrong. They only send their emails when they have something to pitch or to sell and nobody likes these kinds of people.

Don’t think about your readers only when you need something from them. Instead, think what can you offer to them. Remember, they are living beings who care about you and your work, but if you treat them badly, they will return in the same manner.

The age of information and connection economy enabled us to reach almost anyone, at any time, and anyplace.

For a moment, let’s go back to Hemingway. He was well known correspondent with his friends and colleagues. As a matter of fact you can buy a huge collection of his letters which is a valuable resource for any writer.

In these letters, he was writing, his personal struggles, life in general. If he had the ability to email a newsletter, I bet he’d have done it and he’d have been successful at it.

Why not be opened to your readers? Why not treat them as your friends?

At least once a week, email your readers telling them how you were doing. Have you read something interesting? Seen something? Maybe met someone? Change something? You know, the things you would want to share with your friends.

You’re a writer. You are a public figure and let you readers to get to know you.

I know. You’re an introvert. I’m one, as well. But I run my Reader’s Group and I’m sharing stuff from my life with them which I only share with my friends. It doesn’t hurt and my readers love that. Sometimes, they even reply.

Show them you care. Ask for their opinion on your new cover design, a new website. Anything.

You’ll be surprised how good you’ll feel and how respected you will be by your readers.

Some won’t like that and they’ll unsubscribe from your list. That’s ok. It’s not for them.

But, there will be readers who will love you for what you do and that’s great!

Did you say that we have social media for that?

Well, social media isn’t as personal as email and the owners want you to pay for exposure. With email, everybody gets you message in their inbox.

Go out and send that email.