Treat your writing as a proper project

The key to getting a job done is to treat your writing as a proper project. It’s not just sit down and write some words and everything will take care of by itself. You need to make a list of required mini tasks.

Usually, it looks like this:


  • Get the idea
  • Think of a character
  • Figure out the character’s goal
  • Think of a setting
  • Think of an outer conflict
  • Think of an inner conflict
  • Create crucial scenes
  • Create III act structure
  • Add more scenes


  • Write the first draft


  • Fix or cut broken scenes (kill your darlings)
  • Show not tell
  • Kill the adverbs
  • Get rid of redundant description
  • Get rid of redundant exposition
  • Fix unclear statements
  • Proofreading

This process varies from a writer to a writer, but at least you’ve got something to begin with.

As you can see, the actual writing is only one of many tasks, and I didn’t even mention promotion and publishing, which is a story by itself.

The good part about this approach is that you always know which stage you‘re at and how much work you’ve got to do.