An overconfident writer

There are authors who lack confidence and there are those who have plenty.

An overconfident writer doesn’t require a readable font on a book cover, his novel is a magnificent autobiographical work of art loaded with symbolism and a message which will change the world.

His uncle, who is a well-read man, told him he’s a modern age Socrates; so, I suppose that verifies everything.

The trouble is that publishers don’t like him and don’t see something so straightforward; but they will regret it later.

His novel is ready for movies and video games, and he doesn’t share it with anybody before he registers it as an intellectual property. That way, he’s certain that nobody can steal his work. The only problem is that it costs money, which he doesn’t have.

If you’re one of these writers, please, try to lover yourself back to the Earth. The chances you’re the next Hemingway are equal to zero. Instead, be modest and work your way up by reading, learning and writing.

I wish I was wrong, but I’m not.