Long-term goals

Running a successful writing career requires taking steps towards long-term goals.

The opposite of long term is instant gratification or fulfillment of current emotional needs. We don’t feel like writing so we watch YouTube videos instead.

Instead of writing a blog post we post a snapshot of our cat on Facebook. We get new followers, new likes, and new shares on our social network profiles and we fell like accomplishing something. It’s much easier than writing a novel and the reward comes much quicker.

But, is it worth anything?

Training yourself to focus on long-term goal is fundamental. Before each decision you make during a day, ask yourself whether that action will serve your writing career.

Is it going to bring you new readers? Are you going to improve your craft by doing that? Will it bring you closer to finishing a novel or a story? Are you making connections and bringing value to your community?

If your answer is NO, it means that you should do something else.