One Thing at a Time – Focus on a Single Major Project

Just as it is essential to practice monotasking at your everyday routines, it is likewise significant to focus on a specific major project.

During the last year I struggled to pull off many tasks, and I accomplished none. I’ve tried to:

  • Complete my second novel.
  • Marketing my first novel
  • Build my website
  • Translate my short story
  • Write a blog
  • Think of a non-fiction book
  • Make a gift for my non-fiction readers

The only thing that might seem to be successful is my blog because it’s an ongoing process; each day, I sit down and write a single blog post.

So, I’ve settled to implement monotasking on my vital projects. It means I won’t be touching my new novel until I’m once for all done with the first one.

All this time I felt scattered across different projects which lead to a shortage of focus and mental clarity.

Once I complete the project, I guess I should take a certain amount of time for experimenting it before proceeding on to the next one. If something is not working as desired and I’ve already moved to a fresh project, I’ll be doing various things at the same time, once again.