Should Writers Use Thesaurus?

Writers often brag with their refined vocabularies. Some of them swear that they never use a thesaurus or any alternative form of glossaries. According to some, applying these tools is a heresy and dishonor.

Is applying tools, such as Grammarly or ProWritingAid unethical? Is it cheating or is it a clever exploit of tools and technology which can assist you to improve your writing?

Yes, authors should use a reference book if they can’t pick the most precise word by themselves. It can bring a variety of words in their texts which will cause them to seem more appealing and aesthetic.

Avoiding such a tool for the sake of being a pure writer is bizarre. Imagine an architect not using a ruler because she prefers to be a legitimate drawer.

It turned out that applying a human thesaurus is fine but using an artificial one is false. Thesaurus will not only make your writing sound stronger but it will make your editor’s tasks much simpler, as well.

The only drawback of using these tools is that writers might take a step too far and use the ‘big words’ to sound smarter. That will make their writing seem less coherent and more repelling to readers.

So, be careful when applying this mighty tool, and don’t overuse it.