Does a Writer Need an Office?

Writing is a portable business. No matter what your writing device is, you can carry it with you, and when you feel the urge to write you can simply sit down and write or if you prefer, you can do it while standing up.

With that in mind, I wonder; does a writer need an office or is it a waste of space and money?

During my entire life, I didn’t have much space and privacy. All of my childhood rooms were small and cramped so I had to do my homework on the kitchen table.

When I started my high school, I’ve got my first desk. It was small and it could barely fit a keyboard, a monitor and a mouse. Monitors used to be huge back then, and they would waste a lot of space. I didn’t even think about fitting a notebook or a book on it.

I wrote my first novel on that very desk. Yes, I had a laptop then and I had a bit more space, but it still wasn’t as comfortable as I wished it to be.

Since then, I used to move a lot and if I was lucky enough to have a desk, it was small and located somewhere in my bedroom. I have never had an actual office for my work.

While I am an adaptable person and I can write almost anywhere, as long as nobody is interrupting me, I have always dreamed about having a large desk and a proper chair for writing.

I’ve been writing in my bed, on the kitchen table, on the sofa, on the floor, on the bus, on the subway train, on the backseat of the car,  in coffee shops, in shopping malls, restaurants, in the parks, in my school’s office, and I could do it more or less successfully and I’ve never blamed the actual environment for any of my failures.

There are many cons of writing in different places. They could be cold, claustrophobic, noisy, uncomfortable, disruptive, in general, they could cause you a lot of pain and waste your time while you’re trying to make it more comfortable.

In his book, On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft, – Stephen King, says that after years of failures, especially with drugs and alcohol, he gave up his huge desk and he went back to writing on a kitchen table.

However, that book was written a long time ago, after his recovery from an accident and I guess he had a lot of bad memories related to that specific desk. Now, he’s writing in a studio which he owns a studio which only purpose is writing.

Therefore, I’m really looking forward to finally experiencing writing in a room with a door which leads to my inner world. I want a big desk and a comfortable chair.