One of These Days

Occasionally, you will have one of these days.

The days when everything seems like homework; you know that you will benefit you if you do certain things but you’d rather do something else instead. It takes a lot of willpower to write on these days.

The days when everyone else is doing better. Everybody has a bigger audience, sells more books, writes better books and better articles. You simply look at everyone from a pit.

Not only that nobody has seen your work, but those few who have, think that your work is meaningless. You’re just one of these shmucks who think that they can write.

You look at other, normal, people and wonder whether you’d be happier if you were doing something else. You wonder if all of that sacrifice is necessary. Why can’t you relax and enjoy life instead of worrying about things you probably can’t control?

These days will come and they will go, you say to yourself and you wait to see their backs.

But, they’re still here and they’re unwilling to leave.

What do you do?

You write.