Targeting your Audience as a Fiction Writer

Blogging is something I enjoy doing really much. I’ve written more than 100 posts in the last 6 months or so but now it’s time to level up. I want my blog to have a purpose, to add value and to help me to connect me with my readers.

Since I’ve started this blog I mainly wrote about writing because that’s what we, authors love doing; blabbering about writing. While that’s interesting to us, I doubt that many fiction book readers care about my writing struggles, marketing strategy, and productivity hacks.

What I’ve learned is that I need to do is to connect with my readers based on their reading interests. Since I write crime fiction, I must assume my ideal reader is interested in the same. Otherwise, they would be reading romance or science fiction or whatever.

When you connect two dots, you realize that as a crime writer, you must write something about crime as well. But what exactly about crime?

I’ve always found passion in criminal psychology, profiling the murderers, and trying to understand the motives behind the murders.

There are also book and movie reviews from the same genre, but I could also be doing true crime TV shows reviews.

In the future, I might write more about crime than writing, but I definitely won’t’ neglect my series on writing.