30 Days No Stats Challenge

Recently, I’ve caught myself catching my stats way too often. Every now and then I either open my phone apps (MailChimp, Google Analytics or Medium) and check my numbers. Each time I see a new subscriber or a follower or comment I get a dopamine rush, it feels good and I’m addicted to it.

Getting of all social media profiles isn’t enough. If I want to find a way to get instant dopamine into my blood, I find it. The good part about that is that I realized what I was doing and now I need to get off this addiction.

It’s true that I can find out which posts people like and which ones they don’t. You could find out how many people opened your e-mail, how many new subscribers you have, all sorts of different information.

But does reading numbers that often really matter? Can I change anything if I worry about the numbers all the time?

I’m not sure, all I can see is that I end up constantly micro-tweaking my posts and sign up forms and it’s exhausting.

Sometimes I feel like a stockbroker or a gambler who’s constantly looking at graphs and statistics. That’s not how I imagine spending my days.

Therefore, I’ve decided to delete all my stats apps from my phone and my WordPress homepage. I won’t be checking them for good 30 days and I hope to learn something from it.

What’s your experience with checking your numbers?