Shut Down The Editor

“Your intuition knows what to write, so get out of the way.” 

― Ray Bradbury

There are two types of creative states of writing:

  • The actual writing
  • Editing

Writing means that you’re putting some information on paper; you’re trying to give your thoughts some meaning and transfer it to the reader.

Editing means that you’re revising what you’ve written; you’re rearranging the words and the sentences so they truly match the thoughts and information you intended to send.

These two states can’t work simultaneously. Your job is to do one than the other. Write the first draft, which is going to suck whether you like it or not, and then edit it so it sends a clear message.

Some writers can create pretty solid first drafts which don’t need editing, but they still need to edit.

Editing while trying to write the first draft is going to slow you down and frustrate you.

Just go from point A to point B and then come back to it and clear the path of redundancy.