What is so Appealing About Writing Murder Mystery Thrillers

Writing the murder mysteries will often earn you a label of a creep. That’s not something pleasant, but you will have to learn to live with it or change your genre.

If that kind of writing is going to create a sort of bad image about you, then what is so appealing about writing murder mystery thrillers?

The excitement of turning the pages

One of the great pleasure of writing is knowing that your reader couldn’t stop turning the pages. Quite often, when a reader reaches me out, I hear:

I’ve finished the book in one sitting.

Knowing that someone couldn’t stop reading until solving the mystery means that my hard work paid off and I’ve accomplished my mission.

Puzzle solving

The reason why mystery makes turning pages so easy is the human need for puzzle solving. Human beings love answering questions. Mystery leaves a lot of questions on its path and promises to answer them later.

Why did she disappear? Was she killed or just ran away? Who killed her? Could it really be him? How can’t she see this?

Unanswered questions and unsolved problems are the things that keep us awake at night for centuries. Even, when we can’t find the answers our brain will come up with any suitable answer just to give itself a rest; hence religion and superstition.

A deep journey into the psyche

Mystery Thriller isn’t purely revolving around ‘who’s done it’. It’s also about ‘why’. This allows you to dig deep into the darkness of the human psyche without harming anyone.

The psyche has always been a mystery itself. There are so many inexplicable human behaviors and decisions; murdering, robbing, stealing, lying, hiding, pretending, mostly for the sake of personal gain.

These questions which keep me awake at night and I find the pleasure in answering them, although my answers might be wrong.

It seems worthy of a strange look when a reader says:

I loved the book but why did it have to be so dark?