What Can Bobby Fisher Teach you About Writing

Writing, like Chess, is a sedentary intellectual activity and those who desire to perform well in it, quite often neglect the physical activity and that’s the main reason why many writers, and chess players, end up being obese, crouched, and unhealthy.

Bobby Fisher, who was one of the best chess players in history, had a different approach. Apart from practicing chess, he would spend a great deal of time engaged in physical activities.

He enjoyed swimming, walking, and even heavy weight lifting and he did all of that because he believed that sitting on the chair for several hours is physically exhausting and once your body is tired, your mind gets tired too.

At a professional master level chess, even a slightly inaccurate move can decide a winner and Bobby Fisher did all the necessary preparation to avoid them.

Apart from physical exercise, there is one more thing which influences mind; nutrition. It is well-known that carbohydrates and sugars require more energy for digesting, so a writer might take care of sugar intake as well.

I’m prone to grab a quick, unhealthy snack (an ice cream, donuts, chips, crackers…) while being busy writing and I need a quick energy boost and a full stomach. That resulted in 10 kg weight gain during the last year and a significant fatigue issues.

As the end of the year approaches, I’m quite happy with what I’ve accomplished, but all my accomplishments were on an intellectual level.

The next year will be the year of physical exercise and better dietary habits but I won’t wait for the calendar change, I will put everything into practice right now.

Each day, I will engage in some sort of physical exercise and I will switch to the carnivore diet, inspired by Jordan B Peterson. The diet change won’t be difficult for me since I don’t eat a lot of vegetables and fruit; all I need to do is to cut out my pastry and another carb intake; which won’t be difficult.

During the 90 days, I will track my progress and I will occasionally report on that. So, stay tuned.