Go on Holiday

Throughout my teens and early adulthood, I was a passionate Football Manager player. In case you haven’t played that game, I will briefly explain it to you.

Basically, your role would be to arrange training, prepare tactics and prep talks for upcoming matches, buying and selling players and during the match game, you would “sit on the bench” and watch your team perform.

The game is very addictive, and it didn’t have an end; once you finish the season, you would simply start another one until you get bored and decide to visit the real world for a change.

The most boring part of the game was the period between two seasons; once you finish all the transfers, of course, because buying new players is also exciting.

For that purpose, the game developers added the option “Go on Holiday” which basically meant – your “assistant” will take care of everything until the fun part begins.

Sometimes, when I have difficulties with my writing career, I wish for that button in my life. I’m not determined to wait several years before I build up my platform and reach enough people who would like and appreciate my work.

I wish there was an option to publish a blog post or a book and “Go on Holiday” until it becomes viral or a bestseller but there isn’t.

I want to wake up and realize that my blog has thousands of visitors per day but building a platform and gaining an audience requires patience and persistant hard work.

I can’t just lay on my back and expect people to find me and applaud for my work; the trust must be earned.

When you look at the most successful published authors they all have platforms; blogs, podcasts, YouTube channels, Twitter accounts, e-mail lists, and many more.

There is no such thing as an overnight success; it might seem as such for someone who discovers a new author but behind any successful author there are years of hard shadowy work which very few people were able to see.

Instead of “Go on Holiday” button, writers need to push the “Work Hard” button.