Why do I want to help the novelists?

Writing a novel is hard. A novel writing requires showing up every day.

Sometimes, you don’t feel like doing it.

People usually perceive writing as something lyrical; you just sit there and have fun with words and you live in your magical world and create something out of a thin air; simple as that.

But, it’s not.

It’s hard work and when people realize that, they quit. They think it’s not for them just because they had the wrong impression of what writing really is.

A novel is a huge piece of art and consists of multiple layers. You need to think of the characters, plot, subplot, style, language, voice, setting, conflict, pacing,… and these are just the top layers. 

If you want to write it well, you need to suffer in the shape of writing and throwing away the bad stuff.

It has nothing to do with inspiration. It has to do a lot with motivation; with working when you don’t feel like it, and a lot of work; a lot of hard work.