We usually get furious when someone interrupts us during our work; we put the sign on our door which says – NO INTERRUPTION.

How often do you apply the same principals to inner interruptions?

Do you listen to your inner voice when it says – Let’s check Facebook, Twitter, Medium,… or you put a sign on your desk?

Why are we sometimes so easy on ourselves at the times when we should be the most strict?

There is no point in setting up the rule of interruption if you’re not going to follow it yourself.

After all, you are the only person who spends an entire day with you and you are most likely to interrupt yourself.

So, why don’t you first try the rule on yourself, and see how much interruption is caused by other people?

If you’re getting things done, even though you get occasionally interrupted, is there still a need for the sign?

Do your most important work early in the morning with the doors closed, and do the rest with the doors opened.