Being Your Own Boss

When your boss gives you a daunting task, you do it anyway. You don’t like it; in fact, you hate it, but you are going to finish it.

You don’t say:

I’ll finish it later. I don’t feel like doing it now. Let’s scroll through social media instead. Let’s do something fun. I deserve a little leisure.

No. You have a job to deliver and you do it.

It might be for the sake of promotion or even keeping your job or trying to prevent nagging and complaints. Whatever the task is, you always find the reason to do it.

Sometimes, you will try to explain to your boss that the task is pointless, you’ll pick your words carefully, but your boss wants that task done, and she will persist. In the end, she wins and you do it anyway.

The more tasks like that you get, the more you hate your boss.

On the other hand, when you’re your own boss, and you give yourself a task, there is a high possibility that you’re going to stall it as much as possible.

Usually, you make the plans in the evening:

Tomorrow, I’m going to wake up early, exercise, have a healthy breakfast and do my most important work uninterrupted. That’s what all successful people do.

What happens in the morning is: you hit the snooze button, you don’t hit the gym or the morning run; as a matter of fact, you decide to sleep in

You wake up later and you feel bad for letting yourself down and tired. It’s just another day, you might think, but let’s do the work anyway.

You start working on your project, but it doesn’t feel good, so you leave it for later; or maybe you want to do a quick research and end up wasting two good hours on the internet reading stuff you don’t need at all.

Day after day, you become the worst possible employee in your own company and you, as a boss, don’t react at all. You find enough excuses for your lazy employee.

What kind of boss is that? That’s a lousy boss who’s doing a lousy job. Either fire yourself and find another employee or make yourself do the job.