Mornings are all you’ve got so be careful what are you going to do with them

Creative writing is one of those professions in which you need to invest a lot of time and practice before you can produce something worth noticing and start making money out of it.

Unless you’ve inherited loads of money, you will have to get a full-time or at least a part-time job, which is going to cost you some time that could otherwise be invested in writing.

Apart from the job, your family and your friends will deserve some of your time and you should definitely block out certain amounts of that precious resource for them.

When you add up sleep, work, family time, meals, commute, hygiene, groceries and all sorts of unpredicted events, you are most likely left zero hours in your time bank account.

For that reason, many creative people, not just writers, approached a strategy of getting up early; somewhere between 4 and 5 am. They are able to block out at least 2 hours without any distractions which can be dedicated for writing.

2 hours per day is not much but it can be just enough if you spend it wisely;
no phone, no emails, social media, no nothing – just you and your writing device.

However, it’s easier said than done. If you’re in a habit of checking your social media accounts, you might grab your phone just to check your Twitter for 2 minutes and then 30 minutes later you would still be swiping and feeling bad for wasting your time.

The feeling gets worse when you realize that you’ve got up to write and getting up that early isn’t pleasant at all. Therefore, when you trick yourself into leaving the warmth of the bed and realize that you’ve spent a good part of that morning checking your notifications you might feel like a fool; like someone who has gambled away a fortune.

Before you can afford to leave your day job you must carefully choose the ways you spend your time. Cherish your mornings and get the best out of them. Work while the others are sleeping and one day it will pay off. It’s all up to you.