A Secondary Character Taking Over a Story

What do you do when a secondary character takes over your story?

There are only two roads leading from there; you either turn that character into a hero and make the story about him or dumb him down to make it less relevant.

This morning I was outlining the ACT I of a novel and when I reached the stunning surprise I realized that the supporting character gets more affected by the breaking point than a protagonist.

The problem is that I really like the stunning surprise and the events that build up to it, but thanks to this event my main character feels more like a sidekick than a hero.

The main reason for the turnaround is that after a stunning surprise the goal given to the supporting character  is much stronger than the goal which was planned for the protagonist; the protagonist’s goal was to gain the love of the supporting character.

This means that I have to rewrite an entire ACT I and add scenes more relevant to the emotional turmoil of the new protagonist, but I’m in a big dilemma whether to leave the initial protagonist as the actual narrator; I kind of like his innocent voice.

I guess that I will be spending  the next couple of weeks trying to develop the story with the new protagonist and choosing the right narrator.

The fun part about writing is that you never know when are these things going to happen and where is the story going to lead you, even at the outlining stages.