Show Up Every Day

How many times have you gone to work and did a lousy job? More than once I guess. But, you ended up being paid anyway, haven’t you?

If you’ve done something like that more than enough times, I guess you have a job which you don’t like and you would give anything to make writing your full-time job. 

The secret with writing is that you need to show up every day.

If you don’t have time to write every day, make it!

Cut that time from social media, from Netflix, YouTube from anything that isn’t contributing to your writing career. 

You don’t need much. Sometimes, all you need is one hour. One hour is enough to write a blog post, a page of your novel or a script. Imagine, in just one year, you will have 365 pages, at least, because sometimes you will get carried on and you will write more than you wanted or intended.

Imagine what could you do if you can make two or three hours per day for writing. Two hours in the morning and one in the evening. You could create anything that you want.

Just show up. 

Yes, sometimes, you will wake up early and you won’t feel like doing it and you won’t do it. You will do something stupid instead, but you would show up. And if you show up often enough, you would ask yourself – why did I wake up this early? Not to check my social media and watch endless rounds of YouTube videos? I woke up to do some work.

Treat writing as your work and show up every day.