Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Unless you are heading for self-destruction my advice is to stop comparing yourself to others. Even if you are on self-destructive track, there are better ways to do it than feeling miserable.

While comparing yourself to others you are measuring other people’s numbers with yours.  These numbers can be twitter followers, website page views, page likes, book sales, book reviews, just name it. No matter how good your numbers are, there will always be people who have bigger numbers than yours. This will most definitely open the door of unworthiness and there is no simple exit from there. 

The other path to depression is comparing your beginnings with somebody else’s best work. Reading a masterpiece should inspire you, not make you feel miserable. The only way to accomplish that is not to compare your beginner’s work with a masterpiece. If you do compare, you will hear a voice in your head saying – I’m never going to be able to write like this. That is just what your fear wants – a reason to quit.

Instead of comparing yourself to others, try to be your best self and give the best work you can give. It doesn’t mean that you should stop improving yourself, it simply means that instead of focusing on your numbers, you should focus on your work and give your best self each and every day, and the numbers will eventually come by themselves.