The Pictures in Your Head

Yesterday’s article was about writing as a product of seeing images in your head.  In today’s article, I would like to expand to that a little bit.

Namely, like any other kid who grew up in a world where the color TV was a thing, I used to believe that some kind of tiny humans were living in the TV and the radio and they would perform all sorts of interesting things to entertain us and educate us. 

I don’t know what modern children think and how do they perceive different devices that they and their parents use, but I believe that their thoughts can’t differ much from mine. After all, the smartphone screens are way smaller than an average TV back in the 90’s.

I can’t be sure if my perception of TV and radio is the reason for this, but when I read or listen to a book or when I’m creating things in my head, the images which I’m seeing with my mind’s eye seem to be tiny. Unlike dreams, where everything seems to be in proportion to reality, people and things in my imagination are rather miniature and they should be able to fit into an average radio or walkman.

Perhaps the people who were writing in the era where there weren’t any of these devices didn’t have that problem if that can be considered as a problem at all. It seems that there is nothing wrong with the image size in my imagination because it worked perfectly fine so far. If nothing, it gave me a godlike perspective where I could see everything from above.

However, I’ve decided to conduct a small experiment and to try to imagine things in a full-blown size. Let’s say that it will enable me to be right at the action. It may limit some of my views, but maybe it will empower me to transfer the experience of a character to the reader in a more genuine manner. 

I’m not sure if this has any importance but it sounds like a fun thing to play with. 

Also, there is always an option to blow up things. This will also be an interesting perspective on the world that I am creating.