Pushing Beyond Your Limits

There will be times when you would rather lay down in your bed and do nothing. Also, you will get in a phase where you would rather spend time doing anything else from cleaning your house to finishing a 1000 pages novel in one sitting or walking 5 miles just to buy that new notebook which you need to make useful notes for your outline. These times are called the ‘writer’s block’ and they can last from one day to eternity.  

Remember, if you do nothing about it, nothing happens and nothing changes.

However, if during these days you push beyond your limits, just like a bodybuilder who gives that last push to stretch his muscle beyond its limits, you will train your writing muscle. It will grow and make you stronger and less vulnerable. 

Yes, it will hurt but you need to stand tall in front of your enemy and don’t be afraid to show it your teeth.

You must know that you will never defeat the monster that is stopping you from doing your work. It will show up every single day and if you learn how to ride on its back, it will take you to the places where you couldn’t even imagine, but if lay beneath it in fear, you, as a writer and as a person will suffer as if not die. 

If you want to be a writer, writing must be the most important task of your day. It may sound selfish, and it is, but that’s the only way it works.